#cycling to #COP26

Prevented Pedal the Highway 2017

I recently wrote how we cycled from Cologne to Bonn in 2017 with around 5,000 people for the big anti-coal demonstration at the then 23rd World Climate Summit COP23. Before Ulrich Kindermann had coordinated, listed and documented international bicycle feeders to our „Pedal the Highway“.

Now I received an email from him, indicating that the COP26 World Climate Summit is taking place in Glasgow this year and that there are various bicycle feeders.

Takeoff to Pedal the Highway Nov 17th, 2017

Since I have often visited my younger son, who lives in Glasgow, it goes without saying that I am thinking of somehow attending a bike demo of the COP26.


I took a look at all of Ulrich’s suggestions and came to the conclusion that I would first register for this action on the Do Nation Blog, because they seem to be tackling the subject of the bicycle demo in concrete terms.

I would be really happy to receive any available information on possible bicycle feeders to COP26 demonstrations, be it routes or, very important to me, dates or THE date. I need to plan my trip and my accomodation, so I need in particular the date as early as possible.

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