Glasgow – Largs – Great Cumbrae E

Do not worry, it’s time for a bike today. But let’s start from scratch.

We had set out today for a trip to Cumbrae, a small island just off the Scottish Atlantic coast. We came there by train in the first instance, more specifically with ScotRail, the state-owned Scottish railway company.

On punctually started and arriving trip (it is remarkable for there is no punctual train at all in Germany) there where also the first rays of sunshine.

The ferry port and the terminus of the train is Largs.

From there the ferry goes to Cumbrae Slip, today a rather stormy crossing.

From Cumbrae Slip to the only town on the island, Millport, you can take the bus.

On Cumbrae is great cycling, so Valentin and I borrowed a bike after we had explored the southern coast a little by foot.

And we explored the island. First on a way up to the Viewpoint of Great Cumbrae.

Incredible views over the whole island and the sea.

Then we drove along the west coast back against an extremely strong wind to the south.

With interesting encounters.

I cycled the coast north again.

In the direction of the ferry terminal.

This is the tour with my son.

And this mine afterwords.

Beautiful, but with extremely fast changing weather conditions. Rain and sun changed constantly, only the strong wind was constant.

The ride along the coast runs over paved roads and flat. About the island up to the viewpoint ght it There are also paved roads across the island and up to the viewpoint, but you will have to manage about 140 height meters.

Around 18:00 clock we returned to Glasgow by bus, ferry and ScotRail again. By the way: everything on time.

Nice day, beautiful rides.

All pictures and impressions you may find here.

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