A short trip through Glasgow by bike

After the trip to Cumbrae on Saturday, we decided to stay in the city today. After all, there is a lot to see and even my son has not internalized all the POIs here.

Our first destination was the Riverside Museum, where you can see everything that serves as a means of transport. For this, my wife and I borrowed Nextbikes, Valentin rode his own bike.

After about four kilometers down the pathway of the Clyde we arrived. And saw exhibits like these:

The wheels are on a wheel 😂

As in all public museums in the UK, admission is free. And like all public museums in the UK, there is a lot to see.

Even the supposedly oldest bicycle in the world.

Well, this one definitely had something like pedals, but the Draisine is definitely older. But I did not try to clarify that.

Also a sailing ship, which first served as a transport ship and then as a training ship of the Spanish Navy (and was decommissioned in the early 2000s (!)) is one of the exhibits.

After a thorough inspection of the exhibits, we finally continued. The plan was to take the ferry over the Clyde and then cycle back on the south bank.

Part 1 made it.

Part 2 did not. There is no continuous cycle path on the south side of the Clyde, at least not in this section.

Nevertheless, breathtaking views:

Down the river

And up the river.

Beautiful, interesting and above all dry and sunny day. Glasgow from its beautiful side.

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